1. What is PROBIOSTRESS®zen?

PROBIOSTRESS®zen is a brand new association of saffron and two probiotics strains known to diminish efficiency stress symptoms. It has been developped in order to provide a global and efficient relaxing solution.

The combined actions of saffron extract and probiotics strains break the stress vicious circle. The saffron helps releasing brain serotonin while probiotics act on guts serotonin.

2. PROBIOSTRESS®zen, what for?

  • To facilitate relaxation, to eliminate anxiety symptoms
  • To prevent and reduce stress
  • To help fighting addictions

3. What benefits?

  • A unique synergistic association between two premium quality ingredients.
  • A proven stability through time.
  • Through a clinical study made in 2021, GPE demonstrated notably efficiency of saffron extract uses in PROBIOSTRESS®zen to promote sleep disorders.  Moreover, the combination of the two strains uses in PROBIOSTRESS®zen also have a clinical trial to prove its effects on the Gut-Brain Axis.

4. What presentations ?

PROBIOSTRESS®zen is available in powder (bulk, capsules and blister).

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