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Your natural evidence partners.

Your link between scientific evidence and well-being

At GPE we research, understand and obtain the best natural extracts available via a careful selection of origins and sources.

Furthermore, we implement rigorous quality and traceability controls, thus ensuring the excellence and consistency of our products.

We create bonds of healing and care with people and the planet.
Your link between scientific evidence and well-being

Natural evidence partners

We are your partner in achieving business goals linked to the well-being of society.

Our mission is to be the key element cementing the bond of well-being between brands and their customers.

Premium active ingredients

A solid track record of more than 15 years in the field of active ingredients, making us a pioneer in the search for premium active ingredients of the highest quality, 100% natural and with proven therapeutic efficacy.

Green Plants Extracts is a brand leader on an international level thanks to our network of distributors with a presence in more than 25 countries.

A commitment to health care based on our natural solutions.

Anti-Aging Ingredients
Neuroenhancing Ingredients
Well-Being ingredients
Healthy ingredients
Innovation and Scientific Backing

Innovation and Scientific Backing

Our R&D team carefully selects our active ingredients for their beneficial effects on the body, drawing on analytical and botanical research and extraction expertise.

Our extracts have remarkable properties related to health and emotional well-being, backed by scientific evidence and clinical studies.

Swift Team Experts

Swift Team Experts

With our strong scientific, marketing and regulatory expertise, we support our customers in their innovative projects with the most suitable active ingredients for a wide range of applications.

Our SOP Writing Service maintains strict confidentiality and transparency, working closely with scientific and technical experts.

Efficient Supply Chain

Efficient Supply Chain

A reliable global network, with full traceability and strict quality control, guarantees a sustainable supply of the best raw materials, all year round. This guarantees 100% natural and high quality extracts.

Our SAFFR’ACTIV® production complies with HACCP standards and ISO 22000 certified. We also offer organic products, certified by Ecocert.

Natural leaders

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Massó Group

Why are we your best partner?

We provide ingredients endorsed by scientific research and studies.

We provide continuous support to distributors and manufacturers, backed by our solid technical product knowledge.

We are committed to ensuring the quality and botanical authenticity of our raw materials, guaranteed by rigorous control standards.

Exceptional production capacity, we are able to handle requests of any scale with efficiency and precision.

Our R&D offers world-class technical support, designed to help you integrate and make the most of our ingredients in your product, tailored to your specific needs.

The Massó Group, of which GPE forms part, has the most prestigious certifications in each of our markets, guaranteeing our excellence and commitment to quality in all our products.