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Experience a prolonged energy release

A new natural formulation for an improved concentration

Exams, tight work deadlines, intense cognitive and physical demands, peak performance requirements… There are times in a person’s life when alertness, concentration and productivity are particularly needed. As the expert in mental balance solutions, GPE created BEAN’ERGY® to help keeping high mental perfo- mance over a prolonged period. As a central nervous system stimulant, caffeine reduces physical fatigue, increases alertness and improves concentration.

BEAN’ERGY® ingredient consists of the micro-encapsulation of natural coffee bean caffeine with edible polysaccharides. This technology enables:

  • A precise control of caffeine amount
  • The masking of caffeine bitter flavor
  • A higher and prolonged effect

good reasons
to choose BEAN’ERGY®

Prolonged efficiency

Much higher and longer caffeine concentration level

Premium Quality

Natural caffeine from coffe beans

Only the best raw material quality


Full traceability control
No adverse effects at the advised dosage

Easy to formulate

Precise control of caffeine amount


Micro-encapsulated caffeine reduces the bitterness

Health benefits based on scientific evidence

Helps to increase alertness

Helps to improve concentration

Contributes to a reduction in the rated perceived exertion/ effort during exercise

Contributes to an increase in endurance performance

Contributes to an increase in endurance capacity

Alterness (mm)
Alterness (mm)
150 mg caffeine
Change from baselin (mm)
Change from baselin (mm)
Performance time (s)
Performance time (s)

Mechanism of action

Caffeine prevents adenosine from slowing down neural activity. Furthermore, it also prevents enzymatic degradation of acetylcholine thus allowing this neuromediator to work longer at higher levels.


Time-release technology

Kinetics of caffeine’s assimilation and metabolization varies between individuals. In general, caffeine effects peak 1 hour after ingestion and rapidly fades away.

Caffeine concentration in plasma over time (in Wistar rats)
With BEAN’ERGY®, caffeine assimilation proceeds steadily at a higher level over 5 hours

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Technical Data

Commercial name



Micro-encapsulated natural caffeine

Active compounds

Caffeine: 90%
Caffeine: 60%


Tasteless and fragrance – free

Recommended dosage

100 mg/day – as needed
150 mg/day – as needed


Food supplements: tablets, capsules, softgel capsules, sachets, chewing gum…
Dry applications: cereal bars, dry instant drinks…
Liquids: juices, shots, energy drinks…


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