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April 2, 2024



Preserves mind and memory for ongoing wellness

A new extract promoting optimal brain functions

The average life expectancy increased by about 25 years over the past century. An ongoing concern is now to preserve the quality of life. Among people who wants to fully enjoy their elderly days, 75 % fear the memory loss and cognitive decline. As the expert in mental balance solutions, GPE created CENTELLORY® to help develop and maintain mind and memory.

CENTELLORY® is an extract from Centella asiatica, also well known in ayurvedic medicine as Gotu kola, characterized by its unique double standardization in polyphenolics and triterpenoids compounds.


good reasons
to choose CENTELLORY®


Memory enhancer
Natural mild anxiolytic
Double standardization

Premium Quality

Dual standardization to ensure best efficiency

Only the best raw material quality


Full traceability control
No adverse effects at the advised dosage

Health Benefit

Cognitive performance

Wound healing

Dual Market Target



Anxiety, stress improvement

Anxiety, stress improvement

Memory and learning enhancement

Memory and learning enhacement



Alertness and calmness improvement for the elderly

Alertness and calmness improvement for the elderly

Mechanism of action

Modulation of nitric oxide
Increases GABA release
Potential regulation of hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenocortical axis
Decreases TNF-α level and increases BDNF level
Increases synaptic density
Increases BDNF concentration in the hippocampus tissue
Increases expression of AMPAR subunits and differential expression of NMDAR subunits
Decreases the levels of amyloid-β
Improves dendritic arborization and synaptic differentiation
Reduces oxidative stress
Restores cholinergic dysfunction by decreasing the acetylcholinesterase level
Prevents the ultrastructural morphological aberrations of neurons

Boosts cognition

Preserves memory

maintain mind, memory, and brain architecture

Randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial investigated the effect of Centella asiatica on cognitive function with doses 0, 250, 500 and 750 mg once daily for 60 days. Centella asiatica attenuates the age-related decline in cognitive function and mood disorder in elderly.

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Figure 1. Effect of Centella asiatica on calmness5
(* significant compared placebo)

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  1. Increase of dendritic branching points with Centella asiatica treatment, as compared to the control group
  2. 80% more apical dendrites
  3. 100% more basal dendrites
  4. Basal dendrites

Centella asiatica treatment supports memory formation by increasing the basal and apical dendritic branching in CA3 pyramidal neurons of the hippocampus

Centella asiatica

Technical Data

Commercial name



Centella asiatica aerial part extract

Active compounds

Triterpenoids ≥ 20%
Polyphenolics compounds ≥ 10%



Recommended dosage

200 mg/day for a 3 to 6 weeks treatment


Food supplements: tablets, capsules, softgel capsules, sachets…

Liquid formulations


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