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Promotes emotional well-being naturally

SAFFR’ACTIV® makes the difference: pioneer, efficient & premium quality

SAFFR’ACTIV® is the first saffron extract in Europe used for emotional wellness. It was developed to deliver a high-quality, reliable ingredient to the nutraceutical industry.

GPE guarantees quality and traceability 100% from the origin by partnering with a local saffron harvester and distributor from the region of Khorasan (Iran), where it grows the highest quality saffron.

SAFFR’ACTIV® has many applications with scientific evidence, including the enhancement of neuronal preservation and mental health. Moreover, the key component of SAFFR’ACTIV®, the saffron extract, has been proven to positively impact menstruation and fertility.


Low drying temperature
Protection of active compounds, especially crocins Preservation of integrity and quality of crocins

Based on bibliography. An expertise of more than 10 years.

No pesticides
No allergens
No adulteration

SAFFR’ACTIV® is also available as an organic ingredient, certified by Ecocert

Our own quick and reliable published external and internal standard quantification method to analyse crocins in saffron extract, developed to improve the existing quantification methods1
  • 100% purity guaranteed
  • Listed in the European Pharmacopeia and French “arrêté plantes”
  • Every stage of the manufacture is subjected to strict quality requirements
  • Superior traceability “QSE commitment” system
  • 100 % safe ingredient
  • Recognized by EU legislation as a food ingredient

SAFFR’ACTIV® is a saffron extract rich in active compounds such as safranal, crocins, crocetin and picrocrocins. Crocins and safranal are the main actives of saffron in terms of health benefits.

With a similar mechanism of action to antidepressants, saffron extract exerts its effect by modulating the levels of certain chemicals in the brain, including serotonin and glutamate, without the side effects of a common antidepressant.

Mechanism of action

The circulation of neurotransmitters in the brain takes place in the synapses. In a normal situation, the neurotransmitters are released in the synaptic cleft and then are received by the postsynaptic neuron. The neurotransmitters are reuptaken and the message continue to circulate.

In case of depression, there is a dysfunction of some neurotransmitters, and the neurotransmitters are less available.

The message between two neurons cannot correctly moves forward.

The SAFFR’ACTIV® allows to inhibit the re-uptake of dopamine, glutamate, and serotonin level in the synapse. The inhibition maintains their levels in synapses and upsurges their levels in the brain. Then, the message can move forward.


1 NT is released in the synaptic cleft
2 NT is received by the postsynaptic neuron
3 NT is reuptake
4 Message moves forward


5 Low availability of NT Message does not move forward

How SAFFR’ACTIV® works*

6 Reuptake of NT inhibited by SAFFR’ACTIV®
7 Increase of NT in the synaptic cleft
8 Message moves forward
NT – neurotransmitter

*Crocins inhibit reuptake of norepinephrine and inhibit reuptake of dopamine and serotonin (inhibition maintains their levels in synapses and upsurges their levels in the brain) and increase glutamate levels. While safranal increase the serotonin levels2, 3.

Clinically proven efficiency:
Proprietary results*

Clinical studies, randomized, double blind against placebo performed in over 90 subjects proved to significantly improve the global sleeping quality in 100% of the subjects, helping in falling asleep and allowing to wake up well-rested4.
SAFFR’ACTIV® also showed improvements in relieving anxiety, a result also verified in scientific literature. Moreover, it can be said that SAFFR’ACTIV® is a natural and safe strategy to improve sleep duration and quality of sleep on population presenting mild to moderate chronic primary sleep disorders.
Mean score
Time in Bed (min.)
SAFFR’ACTIV® has shown an improve of the TiB compared to those who took placebo.
Mean score
LSEQ score (0-100)
SAFFR’ACTIV® provides a gradual improvement on the sleep process quality, in comparison to placebo users who saw a decrease after week 3.
*LSEQ questionnaire is based on a score of 100, the highest the score, the better is the result.
Mean score
Global PSQI score (0-21)
The PSQI* questionnaire improved during this period, proving an overall boost on the quality of the time in bed.
*PSQI questionnaire is based on a total score of 21, the closest to 0, the better is the result.
Mean score
SAFFR’ACTIV® reduced considerably emotional limitation and pain feeling; and improved the physical global score.
SAFFR’ACTIV® tends to increase general health.
Overall, 73% of users were very satisfied with SAFFR’ACTIV®
*Includes objective results.

SAFFR’ACTIV® to help with mental
depression & sleep disorders.

SAFFR’ACTIV® bioactive compounds, such as crocins, crocetin, and safranal, help with mental depression. Mental depression is linked with sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders can exacerbate depression, leading to a negative cycle between depression and sleep that can be challenging to

Poor sleep may even provoke depression in some people. Poor sleep can also induce to fatigue, attention deficits, mood instability and anxiety.

SAFFR’ACTIV® has proven to improve sleep.







SAFFR’ACTIV® is standardized to formally recognized bioactive compounds, >3% crocins and >2% safranal, via repeatable HPLC and UV test methods, yielding >5% bioactive compounds, not including other bioactive compounds that are naturally present in SAFFR’ACTIV®

Technical Data

Active compounds

Bioactive compounds ≥ 5%
(Crocins > 3%, Safranal > 2%)

Recommended dosage
30 mg/day
Several possible galenic forms to bring a complete answer to customers

Food supplements:
Tablets, capsules, softgels, sachets, sticks, syrup, liquids, spray, strips


Traditional food:
Fruit juices, sweets, ice cream, chewing gums, chocolate, soups and sauces

Available references (Organic available)

SAF 3C L – Aqueous solution

SAF 3C PIM – Powdered extract on maltodextrin carrier

SAF 3C PIS – Powdered extract on silica carrier

SAF 3C PC – Powdered extract on microcrystalline cellulose (0.4%)


1 Suchareau et al., 2021, Improved quantification method of crocins in saffron extract using HPLC-DAD after qualification by HPLC-DAD-MS, food chemistry
2 Georgiadou et al., 2012, Effects of the active constituents of Crocus Sativus L., crocins, in an animal model of obsessive–compulsive disorder, Neuroscience Letters
3 Ettehadi et al., 2013, Aqueous Extract of Saffron (Crocus sativus) Increases Brain Dopamine and Glutamate Concentrations in Rats, Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science
4 Pachikian et al., 2021, Effects of Saffron Extract on Sleep Quality: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Clinical Trial, Nutrients