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Maintains a relaxed yet sharp mind

A synergistic ingredient addressing the brain-gut axis

According to the World Health Organization, 450 million persons worldwide are suffering from stress, and prevalence of anxiety is very high in many countries¹. During COVID-2019 pandemic, a big number of studies are showing a strong increase of stress and anxiety diseases worldwide².

As an expert in mental balance solutions, GPE has developed PROBIOSTRESS®zen to help relax while keeping high mental performance, without any adverse effects. PROBIOSTRESS®zen is a synergistic ingredient that creates a virtuous cycle within the brain-gut axis. It is a stable blend of Saffron extract (SAFFR’ACTIV®) and two probiotic strains (Lactobacillus reuteri and Bifidobacterium breve) characterized by its unique standardization and formulation.


good reasons
to choose PROBIOSTRESS®zen


Clinically-proven efficiency on relaxation

Premium Quality

Large amount of probiotics 100% pure

Only the best raw material quality


Full traceability control
No adverse effects
No addiction

Easy to formulate

Proven stability of the combination

Health benefits

Mood and relaxation

Health benefits

Probiotics, Lactobacillus reuteri and Bifidobacterium breve, were scientifically proven to have mental benefits: Clinically proven

Saffron extract has also many effects on mental health:

  • Reduction of depression³
  • Maintaining cognitive ability⁴

Mechanism of action

Intestinal microbiota is sometimes referred as the second brain because of its great influence on mood notably through the production of brain active metabolites.

Through its action on the brain and on the intestinal microbiota, PROBIOSTRESS®zen regulates the brain-gut axis and creates a virtuous circle towards a relaxed state of mind.

No adverse effects
Synergistic ingredient: Saffron and Probiotics
Mechanism of action Probiostress

Clinically-proven efficiency

A clinical study evaluated the efficiency of L. reuteri and B. breve in exerting a positive modulation of stress marker in vitro and evaluated the corresponding effect in human5.

A clinical study evaluated the efficiency of SAFFR’ACTIV® on sleep6 and a preclinical trial evaluated the efficacity in anxiety.

Anxiety improvement
SAFFR’ACTIV® has a significant impact on anxiety

Sleep enhancement
SAFFR’ACTIV® significantly increased the time in bed (measured by actigraphy)

Anxiety improvement
Mean score evolution
Endpoint changes from the baseline significantly different between group.
Time in bed (min)
Sleep enhancement
p < 0.05 (Mann-Whitney U test)

Technical Data

Commercial name



Saffron extract (SAFFR’ACTIV®) and probiotic bacteria

Active compounds

Crocins (HPLC): 0.9 mg (0.18%)
Lactobacillus reuteri and Bifidobacterium breve: (109) CFU/g


Powder or capsules
Tasteless and fragrance-free

Recommended dosage

500 mg/day
4 to 6 weeks


Food supplements: capsules, softgel capsules, sachets, etc
Dry applications: cereal bars, dry instant drinks, etc


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