1. What is BEAN’ERGY®?

BEAN’ERGY® is a new formulated natural caffeine microencapsulated with food polysaccharides. BEAN’ERGY® is specifically dedicated to improve concentration. The unique coating formulation have been especially designed to prolonge cafein release in blood. This ingredient is obtained only from best quality raw material. BEAN’ERGY® is certified without adulterations and especially designed to provide customers efficacy, safety and full traceability. BEAN’ERGY® does not contain any GMO, allergen, pesticide or heavy metals.

BEAN’ERGY® efficiency have been demonstrated with in vivo tests.

2. BEAN’ERGY®, what for?

  • To improve concentration
  • To increase alertness
  • To reduce mental fatigue

3. What benefits?

  • A better control of caffeine in blood plasma with the unique microencapsulation process
  • An easier caffeine dosage for your powder formulations
  • No bitter taste

4. What presentation?

BEAN’ERGY® is available in powder form and can be used in most of usual dry food applications.

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