CENTELLORY® is a natural ingredient from Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) to improve memory development.

CENTELLORY® is obtained from only best quality raw material and standardized in active components. Our ingredient is certified without adulterations and especially designed to provide to our customers efficacy, safety and full traceability. CENTELLORY® does not contain any GMO, pesticide or heavy metal.

2. CENTELLORY®, what for?

  • To develop and maintain memory
  • To improve calmness and alertness
  • To improve cognition.

3. What benefits ?

  • Zero adverse effect and zero addiction or dependence
  • A 100 % pure and secure product thanks to quality controls and fully traceable ingredients
  • A unique, natural and titrated ingredient perfectly adapted to the technical market requirement.

4. What presentation?

CENTELLORY® is available in powder form and can be used in most of usual dry food applications.

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