SAFFR’ACTIV® is saffron extract entirely made in France and with a patent pending. SAFFR’ACTIV® is a pure, natural ingredient, obtained exclusively from the best parts of Crocus sativus red stigmas and used to improve sleep. Rich in many active compounds, SAFFR’ACTIV® is standardized in crocins 3% minimum, guaranteed by strict UV and HPLC detection analyses and in safranal 2% (by UV). Our certified ingredient, meticulously formulated for maximum efficacy, safety, and complete traceability, is tailored to meet the needs of our customers. This commitment is at the core of our statement of purpose writing service. SAFFR’ACTIV® does not contain any GMO, allergens, pesticides or heavy metals.

Through a clinical study made in 2014, GPE notably demonstrated SAFFR’ACTIV® efficiency to induce a restorative sleep.

2. SAFFR’ACTIV®, what for?

  • To improve sleep
  • To avoid and reduce stress
  • To restore dynamism and happiness
  • To keep and stimulate good mental health

3. What benefits?

  • This is a unique, natural and titrated ingredient
  • Zero adverse effect, zero addiction
  • A 100 % pure and secure product thanks to quality controls and fully traceable ingredients
  • Perfectly adapted to the technical market requirement

4. Wholesalers & Distributors

Visit the SAFFR’ACTIV® website to obtain more information regarding this saffron extract and its benefits; and find all the distributors around the world:

SAFFR’ACTIV® is also available as an Organic ingredient certified by Ecocert, a European organic certification organization.

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