1. Why Saffr’Activ®?

Saffr’Activ® is saffron extract entirely made in France and with a patent pending. Saffr’Activ® is a pure, natural ingredient, obtained exclusively from the best parts of Crocus sativus red stigmas and used to improve sleep. Rich in many active compounds, Saffr’Activ® is standardized in crocins 3% minimum, guaranteed by strict UV and HPLC detection analyses and in safranal 2% (by UV). This ingredient is certified without adulterations and especially designed to provide our customers efficacy, safety and full traceability. Saffr’Activ® does not contain any GMO, allergens, pesticides or heavy metals.

Through a clinical study made in 2014, GPE notably demonstrated Saffr’Activ® efficiency to induce a restorative sleep.

2. Saffr’Activ®, what for?

  • To improve sleep
  • To avoid and reduce stress
  • To restore dynamism and happiness
  • To keep and stimulate good mental health

3. What benefits?

  • This is a unique, natural and titrated ingredient
  • Zero adverse effect, zero addiction
  • A 100 % pure and secure product thanks to quality controls and fully traceable ingredients
  • Perfectly adapted to the technical market requirement

4. Wholesalers & Distributors

Visit the Saffr’Activ® website to obtain more information regarding this saffron extract and its benefits; and find all the distributors around the world:

Saffr’Activ® is also available as an Organic ingredient certified by Ecocert, a European organic certification organization.