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June 13, 2017
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August 18, 2017

The butterfly effect of Probiotics

Probiotic strains used in Probiostress : these microorganisms capable of great things

A blend of two probiotics strains is used in Probiostress: Bifidobacterium longum & Lactobacillus helveticus. How can such small organisms have an impact on the whole body?


  • Bifidobacterium: toward a well-balanced flora

More than 95% of bacteria from newborn children intestinal flora are from the genus Bifidobacterium. Their number decreases over the year and represents only 25% of the adult flora. Several clinical studies have shown that Bifidobacterium contributes to the balance of the intestinal flora and thus the well-being of their host in all stages of life. They also support the immune system.


  • Lactobacillus : a natural anti-infective agent

Lactobacillus is present in almost 25 species and has complex dietary needs. This genus maintains a healthy and balanced intestinal microbiota, reduces the occurrence of intestinal infections and also contributes to the modulation of the immune system.


  • A proven synergistic action of the 2 strains on anxiety & stress

Clinical studies have shown that the combined action of these two probiotic strains reduces physiological & psychological signs of anxiety and stress. By acting on the gut, considered as our ‘second brain’, B.longum and L.helveticus interact with the brain-gut axis and alleviate various mental health concerns as mood disorders, stress-related disorders and psychiatric illness.


  • A non-exhaustive list of benefits

These probiotics have others beneficial effects on …

– transit disorders

Probiotics can restore and strengthen the intestinal flora. Hence, they can be consumed after an antibiotic treatment, by people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, by athletes with digestive disorders…

– body weight regulation

There are clear links between weight gain or loss and changes in the intestinal microbiota. Human and animal studies have found that normal-weight people have different gut bacteria than overweight or obese people. Taking probiotics can help to have a well-balanced flora and thus, a healthy body weight.

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