1. Why Cran’Bey®?

Cran’Bey® is an extract of Vaccinium macrocarpon standardized in proanthocyanidins (PACs) dosed by European Pharmacopeia, BL-DMAC and HPLC method to prevents urinary tract infections. Our ingredients are especially designed to provide to our customers efficacy, safety and full traceability.

2. Cran’Bey®, what for?

  • To prevent urinary tract infections.

3. What benefits?

  • Prevents and limits the recurrents UTIs.
  • Prevent the adhesion of Escherichia coli on urinary tract.

4. What presentation?

Cran’Bey® is available in powder form and can be used in most of usual dry food applications and liquid formulations.


5. Available references (recommended dosage)

Cran’Bey® 60 – Cranberry extract 60% PAC for UTI (144 mg/day)

Cran’Bey® 50 – Cranberry extract 50% PAC for UTI (196 mg/day)

Cran’Bey® 40 – Cranberry extract 40% PAC for UTI (240 mg/day)

Cran’Bey® 30 – Cranberry extract 30% PAC for UTI (309 mg/day)

Cran’Bey® 25 – Cranberry extract 25% PAC for UTI (360 mg/day)

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